Friday, April 18, 2008

rollin' w mah posse

dis is how we rollz

The pups are all tuckered out after a great afternoon at dog beach. It was O'Reilly's first time. It was my first time after taking Oliver for his last time. It was Lakota's 2nd time and first time actually enjoying herself!

It was a blast. Too bad it's 80 miles away or we'd go more!


Karen Jo said...

O'Reilly and Lakota are having a great time. No wonder they got all tuckered out.

NEC said...

O'Reilly and Lakota look to have become such best pals..
What a blessing for you~
Thanks so much for your continued prayers, for us!


NEC said...

Looks like your comments dont wanna recognize me.. sheesh!

Mindy Lu said...

Hey O'Reilly, I love the beach too! Way better than that big hole in the ground that you cant see the bottom. People just expect you to jump into it, when you dont know how deep it is. I prefer to run in, choosing how far and wet I get.
Mommy and daddy found a beach with no other dogs on our BIG TRIP last year. I had so much fun. It was worth the long long drive. You go puppy!
Sasha the Princess

FrecklesandDeb said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! What fun!

Andrewbun said...

Oh what a nice day out for your Barkers! I see they were tuckered out on the way home!
Andrewbun & Mum

Lucy said...

My dog Misty used to love going to the beach. She was a little eccentric though in that she didn't chase sticks, as our other labrador did, but collected stones. She would pick up a pebble of her choosing and carry it with her doggedly(!). When she dropped it, she would dig up the sand surrounding it, spraying everyone within a certain distance, then pick it up and start the whole cycle again. Sadly she is no longer with us :(