Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

We are celebrating finding a wonderful home for Bunny. She is off to live with a woman who is a special ed teacher and has 2 lovely dogs. Bunny will get the patience, training and love she needs to become a true ridgeback. Yay Bunny!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Bunday

Well I don't have rabbits no more, just a lovely Ridgeback Rescue named Bunny.

But apparently, according to an article on the Daily Telegraph scientists have discovered a new species of bunneh. (Yes I clicked the link to the article because of the promise of information about a spider the size of a plate... alas, no picture... googling that next!)

Similar to the Sumatrian Striped Rabbit seen here:
That's laser bunny disapproval at it's finest!

The Annamite Striped rabbit was recently discovered in Laos.

I'm still packing up my friend and her family. We load the moving trucks Thursday morning and pull out Friday for Santa Cruz (7 hrs north of here). If you're the praying kind pray for a safe trip and a break in the rain Weds and Thursday when we need to be moving furniture. Also that we are able to get done all that is needed before then. We are all exhausted. It's difficult to move a home for a family of 4 that has lived there for ages! So much stuff...

My macbook pro goes to the store Thursday for a new optical drive to be put in. The current one isn't writing properly. I'm hoping they can do it in a day so I won't be without my precious but if they can't this is the ideal time to do it because it's not like I'll have any time to go online and catch up with all my blogger friends! I promise to get all caught up next week though!

Have a great week everybody.

Thank you Rabbits' Guy for the gift and and opportunity to donate to rescue - that made my day yesterday. Really!!! You are amazing!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Hero Dog

Well pooh! The video was taken down - here's the article

It was amazing, a dog was hit by a car in Chile and another dog tried to pull him to safety.

Speaking of pulling dogs to safety Janay and I pulled two lovely, neglected, skinny ridgebacks from a local shelter this evening.

You can read about them here - Bunny and Buck

Bunny is going to spend a week here.

She is frightened but also just came out of getting spayed so she's tired too. My dogs are giving her lots of space. I was so PROUD of Big Dumb Puppy. I put a crate out for her and she's been sleeping in it. The door is open so she can come out but she hasn't. Earlier BDP came in and laid in front of the crate, about 3 feet away just waiting for her to come out but giving her space to feel comfortable!!! I think they all understand we're helping out friends!

Monday, December 8, 2008

why i love dogs...

You have probably already seen this amazing video but just in case...

Hero Dog Saves Friend

I'll catch up on my blog reading... eventually... i have been lurking when i have a few minutes here and there because all your blogs make me smile...

my best friend in the whole wide stinkin' world is moving and i've been helping her pack and trying to get in extra hours at work so i can go with them when they drive the moving trucks to santa cruz. busy busy tired tired SORE SORE

have a great week all y'all