Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Bunday

Well I don't have rabbits no more, just a lovely Ridgeback Rescue named Bunny.

But apparently, according to an article on the Daily Telegraph scientists have discovered a new species of bunneh. (Yes I clicked the link to the article because of the promise of information about a spider the size of a plate... alas, no picture... googling that next!)

Similar to the Sumatrian Striped Rabbit seen here:
That's laser bunny disapproval at it's finest!

The Annamite Striped rabbit was recently discovered in Laos.

I'm still packing up my friend and her family. We load the moving trucks Thursday morning and pull out Friday for Santa Cruz (7 hrs north of here). If you're the praying kind pray for a safe trip and a break in the rain Weds and Thursday when we need to be moving furniture. Also that we are able to get done all that is needed before then. We are all exhausted. It's difficult to move a home for a family of 4 that has lived there for ages! So much stuff...

My macbook pro goes to the store Thursday for a new optical drive to be put in. The current one isn't writing properly. I'm hoping they can do it in a day so I won't be without my precious but if they can't this is the ideal time to do it because it's not like I'll have any time to go online and catch up with all my blogger friends! I promise to get all caught up next week though!

Have a great week everybody.

Thank you Rabbits' Guy for the gift and and opportunity to donate to rescue - that made my day yesterday. Really!!! You are amazing!


Crafty Green Poet said...

New species of bunnies! That's exciting news...

bunnygirl said...

I want a striped bunny now! Since I've already got one with spots, that would make a great combo!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Pretty cool looking bunny with racing stripes!

That's the ticket -- if you can't have a bunny around, name your dog Bunny! Very clever!

Good luck with the move.

Amber said...

What sweet dogs all cozy on the bed! :)


Karen Jo said...

Bunny looks like a nice dog. I haven't been around to visit in ages. I'm terribly sorry about Zinger. It's cool that a new striped bunny has been found. I like the stripes on the bun in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that bunny has got great markings!!

Yep, Buttons has a piece missing from her ear. I sent her for a spay, and a couple of days after that, the tip of her ear started to harden. It eventually dropped off. Asked the vet, but he said no one hurt her ear during the surgery.. looks like the missing piece of ear will always be a mystery :)