Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi all my blogger friends! No, despite rumors to the contrary, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. Though I confess it has felt like that to me as much as it has seemed that way to some of you.

These have probably been the most life changing, difficult, amazing, breath taking last 6 months... I have not recalled when I have lived through so much in such a brief span of time.

I'll try to catch up a little... but for now I just wanted to share a lovely reunion I had Saturday night with O'Reilly's brother Sam! I am up in the area visiting my best forever friend Debbie who I assisted in moving up here in Dec/Jan. I came up to visit her, help her with the unpacking and just enjoy time with great friends in a heavenly part of the country!

She happens to live only 30 minutes away from Gino, Rei and Gabi, the amazing family who adopted Sam. I was already planning a trip to see them at the end of this month but it would have been a shame to not swing up while I was here this week! So Saturday night I went up for a visit.

For me, Sam I Am was a sight for sore eyes. I figured I would just start blubbering in tears at the sight of him. But instead the silly boy just made me laugh and smile and rejoice! When I got to the door Rei was in her office and Sam slammed into the screen door, opening it with great force the moment he saw and heard me! He then showered me with kisses and jumped up on me for hugs. Mind you he does not do that with strangers. As we settled into the living room I was covered in licks! It was exceedingly evident to both Rei and I that his heart remembered his foster mum!

The joy I felt in my heart was indescribable!

The first thing I noticed is how BIG he has gotten. He's easily 80lbs now and lean and strong. That is about 20lbs bigger than Ri-Ri got and he's probably 2-6 inches taller than Ri was. He grew up! Rei's family wanted the bigger dog but a year ago he and Ri were the same size and it didn't seem like they were going to grow more! Sam did! He looks fantastic.

He was also more the cuddle bug than Ri-Ri. So it was fun having him on my lap, where he went instantly, and also sitting next to me with his face in my face.

Not to leave dear sweet Foxy out, she has grown emotionally in leaps and bounds after what she suffered. She is more outgoing, doesn't seem the least bit skittish or fearful anymore. She is just as playful and silly as when I met her for the first time last year. (She was adopted after having been used as a bait dog for dog fight training. She still has some health issues but they don't slow her a bit. Cesar teaches that dogs live in the moment and she is the greatest proof of that truth!)

Rei and I got to have some fun too, sans pups! We went to Gino's restaurant, il Fornaio, for supper and had a lovely time visiting.

Thank you Rei for the amazing evening. I can't wait to come back for my visit in 2 weeks and find more fun ways to spend some time!

I go home from this whirlwind tonight. Tomorrow it's back to reality but I will be posting more pics from my trip, the other things I did, and do my best to catch up on all your blogs. I have missed you all (lurked a bit but just haven't had time to post!)

Also, if you are on facebook, hit me up there - carri ann cassabaum - I am way more dialed into that! You'll find some of your other blog friends there too!


Amber and Nala said...

That is so cool that he remembered you! You were obviously very special to him and much loved! :) So good to hear he is doing so well and what a great thing that he did by making you laugh so you wouldn't cry. ;) They just know what we need don't they. RR's will always have my heart that's for sure. :)


Fez and the Gang said...

Thanks so much for the update, it is great that you had such a wonderful visit with Sam and your friend. Obviously he wanted you to know how special you are!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a neat post! It must be very rewarding to see Sam (and other fosters) every now and then.

PJ said...

I'm all ears!!! What a lovely surprise to find your baby all grown up AND still lovable. I've been admiring the dresser troll. I assume you've been supplying the greens?

furrybutts said...

Oh that's so wonderful, Sam was overjoyed to see you!! What a great, fun-filled time for all :) I'll look you up on facebook later tonight (our office has blocked access to FB so I can't log in now grrr!)