Wednesday, October 17, 2007

O'Reilly's new toy

O'Reilly's Aunt Debbie spoiled him and Lakota! She bought them 2 new toys. One is a ball within a ball that he can grab, toss, chase and play fetch (or keep away) with. Because there's a ball in there it kinda goes in different directions. She thought he would have fun with it with me and on his own he can toss it around. She's so cool!

Oh and this is cute, he just came in from outside while I'm writing this and brought the ball with him. Then the dogs outside started barking so he needed to check it out... but he had to take his ball with him! I think he LOVES his new toy!

Tomorrow I'll let them check out the other new toy, a ball that you can stuff treats in that they have to work to get out and it also has a tug handle for playing with.

I feel so spoiled! I love my pups so Debbie giving them toys means a lot to me!

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