Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is it?

Katie and Puddy gave mine and Archi Ann's blog an award.

Pretty cool. So I'm passing it on to My Sis Lisa to help her jump start her blog.

The fires haven't gotten close to us, but were bordering my friend in Highland, CA. The voluntary evacuation was just lifted for them tonight. So we are just going nuts from the smoke. The dog park is closed, as it is in Highland and the smoke there is horrible. So it goes without saying that O'Reilly has MAJOR CABIN FEVER! I can't walk him until it clears up.

Pray for rain!


Katie said...

Oh oh I'm glad the fires aren't threatening you and I hope they stay away. Poor O'Reilly is probably desperate to get outside - I've seen that sort of desperation in Puddy when I've not had time to let her out! Hopefully it clears up and he gets some fresh air soon! :)

archi ann said...

Thanks! Finally they are mostly contained and the weather last night was a big help. Today is the first day without smoke. I was gone all day but tomorrow I'll take my guy for a nice morning walk and the doggie park after work :-)

lgf said...

Did you get any rain Satureday? It rained a bit late afternoon and evening. I prayed it would head to the fire areas.

Anonymous said...

I heard there was drizzle in Highland. Today was the first day without smoke there and I think that's why. The fire that is affecting us is now 85% contained, up from 15% yesterday.

Hey, pastor is engaged but maybe you heard already, to Judy's sister Jackie :-)

lgf said...

I didn't know who Jackie was engaged to...Very cool. Jimmy kated & invited everyone to the wedding.