Thursday, November 8, 2007


Not me, of course, but my puppy! But that's ok, I like it when they are spoiled. Janay, my awesome friend who is the rescue coordinator for the Ridgeback Rescue where O'Reilly came from, gave him a treat toy. It's like a giant die that you put treats in and it has to be flipped around to get them out. OR was going NUTS cuz he couldn't get it in his mouth to get it outside! Silly puppy. He loves his new toy! Thanks Aunt Janay!

Adopt a Ridgeback! It's a great weight loss program - you HAVE TO exercise them and they wear you out!


lgf said...

I love the weight loss program! That's great!


Tricia said...

I agree about the weight loss! I have lost five pounds since adopting Thani. (The five pounds I have been working on for YEARS)