Monday, December 17, 2007

Reservoir Dogs

So the deal with yesterday's post...

A friend told me about this place that's a 3 mile walk around and takes you to some reservoirs where they let the water out from the dam. Pretty cool

I took the kids on Saturday. O'Reilly wades out but Betsy hits the edge of the water and just starts swimming like it's what she was meant to do! It was so cool to watch.

Sunday we went back WITH CAMERA! and a friend and her dog too!

Saturday Betsy was pretty reserved. She swam and played a little but it was too new to totally let loose!

Sunday she was uncorked! She was jumping in the water, running in it, loping, it was so fun. Pulling O'Reilly in and chasing!

We all had a great time.


Katie said...

Looks like Betsy was building up to Sunday, when she'd go psycho in the water! Wish I was there - it would be good to cool off.

Katie @ A Byootaful Life

lgf said...

What a fun day! I'll have to try taking Scully to a lake to see if she remembers she's a water dog. She could care less about the ocean!

Anonymous said...

maybe there were lions crossing over on the other side.....