Friday, January 4, 2008

Cactus? What's Cactus?

(Click pics for larger views - some of em, like this one, are worth it! he's a cutie in this one!)

This is my favorite picture - Taken on New Years Day. He was super playful that morning on our walk.

O'Reilly had a blast! New smells, new environment... cactus... in his butt, in his legs, everywhere!

Actually he did really well - I expected to be picking big chunks of teddy bear cactus off him but he just got some stickers here and there.

It was great to be home and see all my family. I was really proud of O'Reilly. He had to hang outside during the day and sleep in my room in the crate at night. He went 4 days without other doggies to play with. But I think he had a great time. It was also good bonding time for us. It was good for him to be in an odd place and trusting that if I left I would come back for him...

Though you'd think he was in prison from this picture of him watching me load the car...

Here he is working on a big beef bone I gave him. I was so proud of him I went to walgreens and got him this bone for $3. He worked on it for a bit... then he buried it in the yard somewhere!!!

I never found it! Silly Puppy!

Dad, Mom and I took a nice long walk with him to wear him out before my brother, sis in law and their 3 foster kids came over for the day. Wanted OR nice and worn out! This is the home stretch of the walk, on a trail overlooking my parents' house.

Don't let the desert landscape fool you... my parents neighborhood has marvelous views and beautiful scenery!

Time to head home... I set him up joining the front and back seat of my car and laying out blankets and pillows for him. He did so well on the drive. A real road warrior!


Tricia said...

Hi O'Reilly! Wow sounds like you had a great trip! Thani likes the desert too... he's been to Joshua Tree! But we don't let him off leash because we are worried that he will run and chase a bunny. Or get tangled in the cacti. Glad to hear that you are OK and thank for the cute pictures!!!

lgf said...

sounds like it was a good trip! I'm glad he did so well. scully wanted to sniff the cactus when we were in Sedona, but I was a good mom and wouldn't let her. didn't need a $200 vet bill on vacation!

Katie said...

Wow someone got spoilt - a bone for $3! :D And cactus look like fun things to play with, but wouldn't they hurt a bit? Crazy puppy! :D

Kathy said...

Except for the cactus, it sounds like a fun trip! My terrier mix always wants to bury bones, etc., then dig them up months later. O'Reilly was saving the bone for later. Next time you go visit, he will probably dig it up for another chewing session.

archi's mum said...

Tricia - I was worried about cactus but he proved pretty quickly to be fairly astute at keeping out of it. But ridgebacks are runners so i can't always let him off lead that's for sure!

lgf - yeah it was fun - interesting fact - vinegar on cactus will help loosen it and counteract any poison in the needles. i didn't have to use it but it's a great tool!

Dad and I decided that coyotes are in it all day and have a thicker skin so dogs probably do too. O'Reilly hardly seemed phased!

Katie - yeah i love my puppy and he does get spoilt! I spose if he ran right into the cactus it would hurt quite a bit! But he had fun!

Kathy - yeah it was! Unfortunately my parents have a dog that was at puppy boot camp while we were there but is back home now. i'm pretty sure by now she's dug up the bone and is loving it!