Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas from Sam!!!

O'Reilly's Brother Sam and Family sent along a Christmas package for O'Reilly, Lakota, Betsy and me too!

The stuffed toys squeak but also make a silly noise and it was quite perplexing to the dogs!

Here's O'Reilly playing keep away with his retriever roll. He's such a happy doggie!

When Betsy is a little more settled with her forever Mom and forever home I will deliver the toy and roll that is for her!

Thank you to Gino, Rei, Gabi and Sam!


Holy Cuteness said...

Ahwww, you have some nice doggies!

Katie said...

Those toys are so cute - and so long!! You'll have to post a video of them all in action, and I wanna hear the squeaks! :D

lgf said...

so cool to be a foster mom! The kids do remember the good parents.

Silverstar said...

New here. Such cute happy puppies. I hope to foster dogs someday as well.:)