Sunday, February 17, 2008

From the Archives...

Back when I was setting up the carport to be a bunny haven I tacked up a baseball on an elastic string for O'Reilly to play with. He had fun with it for about oh, 10 minutes, before he ripped the ball off the string.

It was fun to watch!




Katie said...

That is so entertaining - we can hardly see the elastic so it looks like the ball is just floating around. And I love how he grabs the ball and runs off with it, but then because it's tied to the carport it stops and he turns around trying to figure out why it won't keep coming!

lol, so cute! :D

archi's mum said...

yeah it was fun to watch. The black string is stapled to the roof but in the next video he pulls and pulls until it breaks - silly puppy

note to self - don't talk when recording video, or maybe not so loud - do i really sound like that?!! hehe

sortmymail-lgf said...

looked like he was just using the string as dental floss in that second pic.

archi's mum said...

yeah you can see his lip get pulled up - pretty funny