Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boomer at Home

I received 2 updates on Boomer Monday. One from the rescue coordinator who is working with the family that adopted Boomer. Then the woman who adopted him emailed me.

I'm just going to share the emails as is (with her permission) because they're great! I am so happy.

Hi Barbara,
The first day went really well! He slept under my bed the entire night,(had a little difficulty getting out!!),but did not whine or whimper at all! However,he did not eat anything,...but i suppose that is to be expected! We took him on a walk,which he loved,and then proceeded to drink a huge bowl of water.The second day he seemed fairly miserable for the first part of the day,but perked up in the afternoon,and once again enjoyed a long walk.This morning(after spending the night downstairs with the other dogs) he was beside himself to see us all at around 8am.....he was actually prancing around,and being really bouncy! We left him outside with the other dogs for about 3 hrs.and it did not seem to be a problem! Going on our 3rd day with him, i must admit that it feels like he is already part of the family!
Will keep you updated,

Carri Ann,
Firstly,I want to thank you so much for all your efforts concerning Boomer! We know how wonderful you are and what a great influence you had on him,.....he is such a sweet dog!!!!! He already seems very attached to us,and is so happy on our reentry into a room!(we love his big puppy bounce!) He is slowly becoming used to his surroundings,although at first all the sights and sounds of the backyard were quite overwhelming! Yesterday morning he seemed quite depressed,but perked up later on,and has enjoyed 3 long walks already.He is really good on the leash,and L (the 12 year old boy) walks him with no problem.(L absolutely adores him!!!) So,all in all ,I think that he is doing exceptionally well in his new home,and that he is just going to be the best deer hunter out there! (if only in his doggy dreams!!)
Will keep in touch,
Thanks again,


bunnygirl said...

That's so wonderful to hear! I know you must miss him, but it sounds like you helped nurture a good friend for some wonderful people.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Sounds like a success! You really made a difference.

DKM said...

Happy news!

lgf said...

so cool for Boomer. as for eating, did you refer them to Nutripet? ;-)

Tricia said...


Lucy said...

How lovely!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

This is such wonderful news. Your prayer has been answered. We're so happy for you and for Boomer, even though you must miss him.