Saturday, July 5, 2008

Done too Soon...

we loved you Tidbit

we will miss you

i just finished reading your story and i thought of something that had an impact on me last night and my life story that fits for you too

i was born into a horrible family and after 10 years was rescued and put into a not quite as bad but not good either foster care system. i was almost 16 before i was put into a family that loved me and actually wanted me. but i was hardened and very angry by then so their love did not penetrate. they later adopted me legally (when i was 25). i am STILL trying to overcome and learn to let that be my past...

last night i watched Road to Perdition for the first time. I didn't hear good things about it so I was reluctant to watch but decided to go ahead. I actually liked it very much. It was dark but good.

in the very end of the movie, as the son is running to the farm with the dog he tells his story in a way that struck me ... gave thought to how i should look at my life:

"People always thought i grew up on a farm.
and i guess in a way i did.
but i lived a lifetime before that."

After reading Tidbit's Story it struck me ... her life really started when she moved in with her family ... that's when she really got to grow up. Before that she lived a hard life... but then she got to grow up and be loved and happy.

She was a blessed bunny and for the time her family had her they gave her a great life. It could have been very different for her, but it wasn't, she was called out and saved and loved. She got to live.


PJ said...

Our centering prayer group has been discussing the issue of suffering, especially the suffering of children and animals. We didn't find answer for it in a world with free will and the laws of nature. What we do know is that suffering of any kind creates a door to receive and give goodness.
I think I'm attracted to house rabbits because so many people have to rescue them and when they do they have a way to express all their innate goodness and then grow whatever else they need. And I want more of that in my life.
(You can delete this message if it's too much.)

d. moll, said...

Thanks for telling your story. You probably would have been rescued sooner if your were a rabbit, sorry you had to wait so long. There is something about rabbits that brings out a lot of tenderness and compassion. Though sometimes they are a bit trying, but just a bit and hardly ever, really; we never seem to tire of seeing them hop or watching them eat or having whiskers tickle our face.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Forgiving and movin on ... such a hard job. It's so easy to just blame lots on "what happend to me" and be angry.

It was good to see how Tidbit got over that hard time and lived a fine life after! Hope the same for you :<)

lgf said...

I saw Road right after it came out on video and that was a similar impression I had from it. I liked it a lot because of the story it told within the story.

Vickie and I were just talking about the screwed up system a couple of weeks ago (when she took me to my doc appt). I was sharing our story & shared about this exact thing. There's one more person praying for your healing.

I love ya lots Sis!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Thank you for sharing your story, Carri Ann. Sometimes all of us need a little or a lot of rescuing, and it does us good to take time to honor the one(s) who holds out his and/or her hand and says, "I care" in our time of need. It sounds like you found people who could see past your anger and give you what you needed.

The Cat Realm said...

That was very nice of you to share your story. And such a nice post for Tidbit. We do not comprehend how people can be cruel, or even just indifferent or neglectful to animals or children - but it happens all the time and one really just has to focus on the positive outcomes or one goes nuts.

d. moll, said...

I know I saw an Elvis vegetable mold, but all I can find now is an elf, here:

Mindy Lu said...

BARK!! Mommy rescued me and my brother and am so glad for foster mommy and daddy's! We will look for Tidbit when our time comes to cross the bridge. BARK- Sasha the Princess