Friday, July 18, 2008

Trip Day Two...

Carmel by the Sea

This is a hard post - we had so much fun and I took sooooo many pictures

I know I will love the pics but could bore you all ... but it's like the question Katie posed a while back - am I blogging for me or for you or a little of both?... I think as bloggers we enjoy each others' pics so I'll trust you'll suffer through, remembering I've whittled this down from the over 400 I took!

First the day started with Rei cooking an AMAZING breakfast. Oh my, she is awesome! Waffles, bacon, eggs, juice, coffee and GOD BLESS THEM - Diet Coke!!!

While we ate the dogs...

played, wrestled, chased, just had too much fun!

Then we headed for the beach - Carmel. It's a lovely beach and very dog friendly town. Rei said it's usually overcast and cold but it was a PERFECT day!

And the boys are ready to go!

Sam is not big on playing in the water but he did if it meant being with O'Reilly. Foxy loves the water. Lakota is around somewhere, probably by my side, hiding behind the camera much like I do!

There's 2 things going on in the above picture - first I wanted to leave the house in the pic - it was amazing - how would you like to live right there?!!! NO BRAINER!

Second, if you zoom in see that the tennis ball is in Sam's mouth. However it's Foxy that was playing fetch with Rei but Sam would keep stealing the ball.
So here you may think she's trying to bury the ball so Sam won't steal it. Well no, actually she's spinning it on the ground trying to get the sand off it!!! Pretty funny. Rei said at dog park when the ball gets too dirty she runs it over to the water dish and drops it in to wash it off.

She's quite a character!

Notice it is actually a bit cleaner, and ready to be guarded from theft!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pic and a few others taken in this area. This is just beyond the house in the above pic. There's a little pond of run off from a stream or something so they took off to play in that. This pic is awesome and there are several more like it but in the interest of not boring you as noted above, sigh, i picked just one...

Hey O'Reilly, did you have a good time today?

What do you think?

That evening Rei took me and Gabi and a friend of hers to Gino's authentic Italian restaurant for dinner. Gino is an amazing chef there. Oh My! If you are in the San Jose area check out il Fornaio Restaurant. You will NOT be disappointed. For those of you food connoisseurs i had:

Spaghetti all'Aragosta
Vermentino Imported spaghetti served with a 1 lb. fresh Maine lobster, tomato, garlic, shallots and brandy sauce

...along with the appetizers and desserts that i was incredibly spoiled with. Gino was able to join Rei and me for dessert and he ordered several so we could test them all. WOW! I've never been so adventurous and had so much fun going out to eat!

Then we headed home and collapsed in front of a movie - August Rush. Good flick, not great but a neat story! Rei and I shared the couch with Sam between us and it was pretty funny because he does the SAME THING O'Reilly does. Laying on the couch they stretch out and kick you with their back legs trying to get more room! They are SO ALIKE.

I was thinking about it today and it was just so much fun to go on a vacation where my dogs were a part of it and not "in the way" but in the middle of all the activities and they got to be enjoyed!

Rei and I are already wanting to schedule the next vacation!

tomorrow, easy like sunday... breakfast at Rei's style!


lgf said...

Those were some great pics...and my comment on the house before I read yours was "love that house". I look forward to seeing the 400 next time we're together! I plan to get to Brad Duncan SLM early if you're going. If not, Artistry on the 7th. Glad it was such a great vacation!

buggins said...

Woah, what a blessing to have such a happy time! I also like the pictures of the dogs in action. So natural and fun!

FrecklesandDeb said...

It's so lucky that the dogs all get along so well -- makes things so much more fun! Great pictures, and yes, that is a great-looking house right there on the beach! It would be very cool to live there.

d. moll, said...

Lots of doggie qi you got there! I love the pic with the two ridgies and the cliff that is almost their color, it's like so wild and primordial.

PJ said...

Post more! Post more! Lots more! Your pups look so happy!

furrybutts said...

Love your pics! The dogs look so happy on the beach, I feel all energised just looking at them!

Mindy Lu said...

BARK!!! CARMEL??? Did someone say CARMEL?? I got to go there with mommy and daddy last year. That town LOVES us doggies. I even got to go into resteraunts and hotels! Lots of people admired the Princess as we toured the town.
BARK-- Sasha the Princess!

PJ said...

Hey Mum!
I was sick this week too. Hope you're feeling better. Hope Lisa has the most boring weekend ever. She deserves it.
It took my girlcat a long time to blossom into the lovely kitty she is today. You're doing great!