Thursday, May 29, 2008


They're just so darn cute!


Well I've done the hard thing... left my identity with Archi Ann and am moving on. I must confess when she died I was tempted to just take down my blogs totally, the thought of blogging without her was hard because really it was all centered around this silly little crotchety bunny. It was her voice not mine. Fortunately as I wrestled with all I faced a dear friend made the comment that it is a neat tribute that I have a whole blog of memories devoted to her. She was, in her subtle way, saying that just because she was gone I didn't have to erase every memory of her, which was my first reaction to make the hurt of her death go away.

But now it seems like time to let go of my identity as "Archi's Mum" and "keep moving forward" ... i would love your opinions on the new name of the blog and any better wording for the description beneath it...

Thank you again for your support.


Katie said...

I wondered where this blog had appeared from on my bloglines - then I realised it's yours with a new name!

I like it. I am so glad you are going to continue blogging. Archi Ann would understand - you'll always be Archi's Mum in your heart, but moving on and creating something different could be just the thing you need to help you through your grief. And it's true - you have Archi Ann's blog as a permanent memorial to her, so she will always be there, always remembered, always loved.

Pet and The Bengal Brats said...

I also am so glad to see you moving forward..I have been praying for comfort for you.

Just be careful, your voice will soon be superceded by those other 4legged large type critters!
And somehow I am certain it won't be saying "woof".

Stand firm, and continue in your wonderful way.

Amy-and-Fez said...

Thank you, yes my ears are wonderful!


I love the description of your new blog. It is always hard to lose one we love, especially when we see that they each have such a personality. I have 5 rabbits and 1 dog here and they are all different! Having lost two of mine, I know the memories never fade, but the pain does. What a wonderful tribute to our Archi Ann and hopefully therapeutic for you as well. I'll help Fez update his Blogroll ;)

Fez's Mom

d. moll, said...

I think moving on is quite fine and healthy and am glad you didn't stop blogging, good heavens I didn't even know that was a possibility. Of course I like Zing Shui, but I have a bit of a Chinese culture prejudice. I was going to write a blog bit on "Bun Shui" later in the summer, I hope that wouldn't be an infringement.....three cheers for Mum of Critters!!!

YowlYY said...

Zing Shui is a funny play on words for Zinger...I had to smile when I saw the title!
Moving on is important, and taking off a name and replacing it with another does not make you any less Archi Ann's mum, because she will always be with you. You're doing well...keep on walking this way, and do not dare stop blogging...what would we all do without you and updates on Zinger?? :)

Mindy Lu said...

WOW, now that is a very spoiled pack. To sit on the floor and eat? Never heard of it! We have our food brought up to our face, instead of vice versa- BARK. Those doggies have you WELL Trained!
Sasha The Princess!

lgf said...

i love it!

when i saw your comment on our trip to the zoo i thought "who's 'mum of critters'" and then i checked.

plus, you can't stop's one of my favorite places to visit AND i'm able to keep up w/my sis that way. ;-)

DK & The Fluffies said...


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We were curious who you are when we saw a comment at Karl's. And surprise, it's someone we know.

Moving on is good. It doesn't mean you forget or diminish what was. We hope you will enjoy blogging again.

bunnygirl said...

It's hard to move on when you lose a friend, but the best way to honor her memory is to do something nice for another animal in need and keep on.

To the best of our knowledge, bunnies don't die with grand dreams and ambitions unfulfilled. They are pure in heart and do not have regrets. Things simply are how they are.

I'm glad you'll still be blogging!

Karen Jo said...

I love the new name for your blog. It's a sign of healing to move on a bit. I am very glad that you decided to keep on blogging.

FrecklesandDeb said...

We think the new name(s) are great -- Zing Shui and Mum of Critters! We'll certainly keep coming back to see how you and the critters are doing!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Works for all of us here at The House Of ... The bunns here practice their own humanly-unintelligble style of feng shui endlessly!

Please do leave Archi's blog up, at least for awhile. I want to go back to the start and follow it through, since we only joined in last November! It's still a bit hard to do that, but it won't be soon!

Good going, a fine inspiration to us all.

THE ZOO said...

aahhh theys too cute. owr beans fink its always best ta hafe at least two animals so they can be a pair and hafe each offur fur comfort.