Wednesday, May 21, 2008

one last roundup

I just want to THANK YOU ALL for the kind words, encouragement and for joining me in saying goodbye to my "snarky" little bun - Archi Ann. More tributes popped up on other sites so I've linked them here. Thank you. Freckles and Deb just did a thank you post as well - she said it - we have a community here that really cares. I cannot even begin to express what you have done for my heart.

Tyler, Sydney and Diana check out the lovely picture Diana painted of Archi flying free
Freckles and Deb
Sasha, Max and their Mom
Gus and Betsy
Jan's Funny Farm
Lola and Jen
Sammy and Mom

update - Karen Jo just wrote Archi a kitty limerick - thank you Karen Jo

A friend sent me this card in the mail. I received it today - she bought the card when she was in Thailand. Isn't it lovely (click on it for a bigger view)? A little glimpse of where Archi Ann is now, enjoying the basil, not worried about saving you all some, there will be plenty when we see her again! She will love to share it I'm sure!

She reminded me of Psalm 104 God renews ... Some day creation will be redeemed ... I don't know if we will have all our pets in heaven with us but I sure hope so. Archi with her legs healed and my pup Oliver with her! Of course by then it will pale because we will see our Savior and nothing else will really matter. Animals, friends, life will all be there ... living in harmony... no more tears, no more unfairs, no more loss...

O'Reilly is fine - he's my boy. I know he was just being a dog. I also know I just can't trust him at all with the bunnies. Breaks my heart. He did so well - since late March Archi has been in the house and they were doing well. But it only takes one time for something to go wrong.

Several of you have been concerned about me splitting up Riena and Zinger. I really appreciate your concern. The family that has adopted Riena absolutely loves her. She is not going to want for ANYTHING there. She has full house privileges and a 4 year old girl who adores her.

My local bunny friend and I are not totally sure Zinger and Riena were really well bonded. Riena isn't phased by the loss of Zinger. Zinger is having a hard time but here's the scoop - they would cuddle some and then Riena would just break out and start picking on Zinger. She would snip at him and he'd run and thump. They'd eventually settle down. While I think Zinger is missing the positive part of their relationship I don't suppose he misses being picked on.

And I miss Archi more than I could have imagined. For now Zinger will stay, as an enclosed rabbit. I'm going to finish the outdoor enclosure and fence it. I'll see how O'Reilly does with him out there during the day and then at night I'll bring him in to keep him safe from anything occurring while I'm asleep.

I'm open to suggestions too, keeping in mind I live in a small 1 bedroom house.

Again, you all have blessed me beyond measure. I wish I had time to write each and every one of you that has left me notes. I will try, but it makes me cry when I do and I'm trying to move forward a bit. You all have been an inspiration to me. Thank you for loving Archi Ann almost as much as I did.


Karen Jo said...

I don't want to make you cry, but I did a tribute to Archi Ann on my blog, too. You are so kind to come by and comfort me when you are dealing with Archi Ann's death. Things have gotten much better for me at work and my stress and depression over that have lifted. The limericks are coming back now.

d. moll, said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like good shifts and plans. I think you deserve a treat.

Amy-and-Fez said...

I have been thinking of you often the past few days. It sounds like Riena and Zinger will have wonderful lives apart and you are right that it sounds like Zinger will be fine. I don't have any suggestions for your set-up, I'm sure that Zinger will be okay, good idea to bring him in at night and just watch that he doesn't get too hot I guess.

It is so hard to lose one so unexpectedly, she will always be in your heart.

Fez's mom

Rabbits' Guy said...

Amazing what a few pictures and words can do to a bunch of people, most of whom you never have, and never will know!

It all just seems so unfair ... to Archi, to you, to the dog and to all of us. Something special is now missing.

So - thanks for the good work ... and carry on .. we'll make it and eventually have a lot of happy memories.

Katie said...

Carri Ann, I want you to know that, although our normal posts will resume and time will move on, we are still thinking of Archi Ann and you, and we're still here for you. Don't ever hesitate to shoot me an email - things like this take time to recover from. You have so much love and support here from your bloggy friends! *hugs*

Jan's Funny Farm said...

It's so hard to lose one we love. And Archie was much loved by the blogging community, which means you are too. You were her voice.

YowlYY said...

I agree with Rabbits Guy and Katie. For those who do not know the blogosphere (and me being new-ish to it) it is incredible how a bunny/pet/person never met in real life but just through pics and tales posted will burrow a hole into your is a sign that we feel after all, and have not all turned into money/profit/materialism driven people. It's a relief, and a joy to visit every day the links of our friends, even if sometimes we hurt so much. You and Archi Ann are very much in our thoughts.