Thursday, May 22, 2008

a cleansing post, a healing song...

Birdchick will often, after a tough post, put up a "cleansing post" ... this is my cleansing post, a healing song...

I got to watch Zinger play a little in his pen tonight. It's the first time he's been playful, jumping, doing mini binkies and short bunny 500s since being put in with Riena. As much as I wanted them to totally be bonded, I think they are better apart. He seems happy. O'Reilly is mellow again but I'll never trust him with a house rabbit. Zinger will always have to be enclosed. The other night I locked O'Reilly out of the bedroom and let Zinger hop around the bed with me and Lakota.

He is a Dutchie but with a very different personality than Archi Ann. Here's a video of him playing. Sorry it's so dark. Good thing he's got white on him or you wouldn't see it at all! It came up much darker uploaded than it was on my pc! Anyone know of a good, inexpensive video editing software for XP?

Healing Song
Bebo Norman

I can tell by this crack of light
Oh girl this is gonna be, it's gonna be a beautiful day
And I can tell by this stretch of silver
Spreading all out across the curves of your face

And for the love, for the love of God
I've gathered up my pride, I've gathered up my bits and bone
And in a world that broke me down
I'm standing up, but not alone

'Cause this is a healing song, oh and I've got a heart that fails
But love is pushing me along, I'm lifting up above this veil
This is a healing song, oh and I don't know if you can tell
But love is pushing me along
I'm pressing up against the rail, pressing up against the rail

I can smell the summer in the air
And I swear I can almost see, I can almost see my soul
Son, I know that it don't seem fair
But I'm turning away from here, and oh Lord, I am coming home

I've got friends here that love me
I've got all this mercy beating in my blood
And I've got friends here that love me
And that's something good, that's something good

'Cause this is a healing song, oh and I've got a heart that fails
But love is pushing me along, I'm lifting up above this veil...


M.KATE said...

Hi Archi's sorry to hear about the loss of your precious bunny and am sure she will stay in your heart forever. take care

Anonymous said...

thank you m.kate

buggins said...

Oh Archi's Mum, I feel sad for you all over again :( I think it's so great that you wrote a cleansing post. And the picture of the woofer on your header is super-sweet!
I did enjoy the dark video. I think I even caught a binkie in there, didn't I?
If you want, just as a diversion, I tagged you for a new meme here:
Have a well-deserved, safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!

Amy-and-Fez said...

Wow he sure is happy! He looks like he would be fun to play with!

DK & The Fluffies said...

That's a pretty cute little white nose bopping about ;0)

Mindy Lu said...

Wow, that is one active furry. We probably need to stay away from him too, as he looks a bit too fun! Did the dumb puppy fair well with the loud sounds yesterday? Dumb Max was very afraid and barking. Mommy fed him some treat to calm him down. Even my calmness wouldnt get him to lay down and be quiet. All the white stuff outside made daddy keep us in and we didnt get to walk. And I am very envious that the bunny and Lakota get to sleep with you. We never get to lay in mommy and daddy's bed. Maybe that is why they keep it so high!
Sasha- The Princess

FrecklesandDeb said...

Zinger looks like he's doing just fine and full of spirit. The healing song was lovely.

meemsnyc said...

Dutchie is a fast hopper! I don't know of any good video software for PC. Doesn't the new Vista offer it with the package?

Rabbits' Guy said...

That was good to see Zinger scooting around so much. It was bright enough on my rig .. I'm still on Windows Me.

Thanks for the song :<)

DK & The Fluffies said...

Archi's Mum... we tagged you!

Karen Jo said...

I'm glad you like my limerick for Archi Ann. Zinger looks like a happy bunny. Maybe it is better for him and Riena to be apart. I enjoyed your healing song. It's been a sad week, so the Cat Blogosphere started a hug-a-thon. Here's a great big {{{HUG}}} from me to all of you.

Katie said...

Aww you are handling this so well - what a good idea to do a cleansing post. Zinger is really cute. I think it's sadly true that O'Reilly can never be trusted with a house rabbit again, no matter how mellow he seems.

And I know how it is with dark animals - I have to use flash to get Puddy when she's playing in dim light!

d. moll, said...

I think Zinger was offering you a healing dance!

buggins said...

Hi again! Oh yeah, I like to keep my sweet family and bunny thoughts on one page, and my geek/irreverent sense of humor on another. Just, you know, in case. Plus it keeps my head sorted out! Yeah, that's Sammy's fat tocks up top there! His fur really isn't that long, I think. Maybe it is! I'll have to have another look, but I think he's just shedding. He gets a funny tu-tu when that happens!
YES! definitely more pics of Zinger! I have to ask finally about your gray zombie avatar. I really like it!
Bon weekend!

YowlYY said...

It's lovely seeing Zinger playing and doing his version of the bunny500, and I am relieved to hear that the separation wasn't too tough. I agree that he is surely missing the good sides of his friendship with Riena... well, maybe one day you will consider having Zinger go on a blind date with some girls at a local rescue? It worked for Hugo :)
A cleansing post & song are the right steps to still hurts, but Zinger will help with his soothing ways.
Isn't it funny how bunnies can be so different in behaviour? I pity those who think bunnies are boring and passive pets...they don't know what they're missing!
Love the new look of the blog, btw!