Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thank you all and Epilogue

Hi Friends,

I just want to thank you all for the lovely words and thoughts, poems and heartfelt goodbyes to my bunny Archi Ann. She was special, very different.

Fiona and family posted a Monday Bunday Tribute Poem to Archi Ann. The poem is PERFECT. I love the ending. Fi let Archi guest share a Meezer Weds rule and was a great friend.

Rabbit's Guy said exactly what i've felt all day... words just don't work too well.

Katie and Puddy just put up a lovely pictorial tribute. Thank you for the words of encouragement and comfort. I have enjoyed my Aussie friends!

Andrew Bun, fellow Dutchie posted a lovely tribute and poem.

Yowlyy at Bunnies Needles and Books posted a sweet tribute of a poem that she received when her precious bun Sir Harvey of Glasgow went over the bridge.

And all of you have left tributes on her site comments and in emails to me that have truly left me speechless.

I didn't think I would be writing anything again this soon but Yowlyy's words in the comments hit the chord that I couldn't find. I went to bed with Archi very much alive and well and woke to her gone. It was not time, there is the basil planted, the summer to be had, friends to meet... she had a package of nail colors to send to Katie yet... so much undone...

And I was struck by the words of Neil Diamond's song - Done Too Soon

And each one there
Has one thing shared:
They have sweated beneath the same sun,
Looked up in wonder at the same moon,
And wept when it was all done
for being done too soon

That says it all

I will let go and accept that nothing is outside of God's timing... but in my timing it was too soon.

I have already found a great home for Riena. She will be going back to live with the in-laws of the family that gave her to me several years ago. They have a 4 year old little girl that has been praying for a bunny! It's the right thing.

Going with Riena will be Archi's house, food dishes, pillow, litter box and a whack of hay and food. Riena will get a lot of house time to hop around and be a social bug like she is.

For now I will keep Zinger. Being a dutchie like Archi I think I'll make the outdoor enclosure for him and he will stay, if I can ensure BDP can handle him out there and leave him alone.

BDP is doing fine. I love him with all my heart. He's a dog and has a prey drive. I have to accept that. For now bunnies can no longer be a huge part of my life. They have been a joy to have. Hopefully Zinger will stay. We will see...

Thank you all, my dear friends.
carri ann


Katie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Archi Ann is gone and in such tragic circumstances. You're in my thoughts during this difficult time and you know where to reach me if you want to talk about it. *hugs*

Glenna said...

I'm so, so sorry. Rabbits' Guy is right...

Bluepaintred said...

oh noes! so sad. That pup probably had no clue he was playing too ruff!

I wish I could make your loss easier with words, but I can't. I will offer hugs instead!

Amy-and-Fez said...

I'm so, so sorry this happened. But you gave her a wonderful home, and she enjoyed a great life with you where she was cared for and loved. Fez and the bunns and I will all miss checking out her daily antics and seeing her lovely face, but none more than you, and I hope soon you can feel peace and only remember the good times.

(I also wanted to say - Be careful separating your other two... if they are very bonded they might become depressed being apart and stop eating - broken hearted bunnies! Just to keep an eye on that.)

Fez's Mom

meemsnyc said...

We are so sorry to hear about Archi Ann. Archi was a very cool bunny indeed. We loved to read your blog and about Archi's adventures. We will miss that cute bun and we are thinking about you and how this must be such a hard time for your family right now. Our hearts and purrs are with you.

- Yaffa & Sebastian

Rabbits' Guy said...

My goodness ... almost the whole world loved Archi Ann!

alyndabear said...

I am so sorry - so, so sorry. You're a great pet momma, and the pictures tell what a beautiful rabbit she was.

YowlYY said...

Archi Ann will always be with us, and mostly with you. I know she did not care for bunny companionship, like my dear Sir Harvey, but I agree with Fez's mum... if your couple has bonded well you might not want to separate them. Maybe the new home can take the two? Not only you will avoid heartache for them, but they will be very entertaining to watch for the new slaves, and will always have the company of each other when the humans don't have time for them....
I know that Hugo and Miss Eve would not like to be separated, when one is at the vet the other is lost :(
Be strong... hugs and healing vibes heading your way, G. xxx

FrecklesandDeb said...

We just put up our goodbye to Archi Ann on our blog. You and she have been in our thoughts the past couple of days. Who would have thought that the loss of a blog friendship could hit us this hard! Maybe because you've become a part of our lives.
Binkies and Hugs,
Freckles & Deb

d. moll, said...

Hey there Mum, we just put up our little tribute. Looks like we missed some of the other tributes in our listing. Oh well...Hope you are doing OK, we know you loved and cared for that rabbit girl so very much. Take Care, -Ty, Syd and D.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Archi Ann was very popular and will be greatly missed. We're glad you are leaving her blog online for visitors to see her photos and read her stories.

We know this is a hard time for you.

L.Bo Marie said...

blog land is such a strange place, you meet people (and fuzzy friends) and they become part of your life...
Know that you are in all our prayers.
Norty's mom

Karen Jo said...

I hope things go well for Riena and Zinger. I am so very sad for you and all that you must be going through.

Lola said...

We found out today about Archi Ann-- I am so sorry. =(


Jen and Lola