Monday, May 26, 2008

Munday Bunday and Meme

Zinger chows down - Loves those green veggies!

Babble Dabble aka Sammy's Mom - Tagged me for a meme - this is 2 of 3 i've been tagged for... will do the last one from Yowlyy tomorrow! Here are the rules, so easy:

1. Answer at least three of the questions. Yes, I know a few look time-consuming and there are several of them. That's why I only ask for three. See? I'm nice!
2. Post them and the rules on your blog, and please link back to me here. Pretty please *^_^* ?
3. Comment here telling me and the rest of our little party where you're at and link to yourself.
4. That's all!
5. Oh yeah, don't forget to tag others!

So here we go! ... i'm answering all of em, cuz well, i have no life!

1. What's the last book you read that you thought was really super, inspiring, you'd recommend it to most anyone?

The Book of the Dun Cow and The Book of Sorrows - by Walter Wangerin

2. What food totally grosses you out, you'd never be able to touch it? Ew. Gag. *hurl*


3. Did you ever watch a scary movie that frightened you so much you were afraid of the dark afterward? I mean like you're lying in bed trying to sleep, but you have to pee, but you're scared to get up. It doesn't have to be recently; could be when you were a kid. So what movie was it?

Ok I suck... the new version of The Zodiac that just came out... i couldn't sleep and it wasn't that scary!

4. Is there a song that makes you dance every time you hear it? Would you tap you feet and sing along to it in public?

There are some songs I listen to by Misty Edwards that get me when I'm walking and I just want to break out... and sometimes do cuz no one's around!

5. Tattoos: yes or no? Do you have any? Tell us! Do you think they're gross? TELL US!

No but i do have a cross on the back of my left hand, burned on - OUCH - but it's kinda cool now, just don't recommend it.

6. When's the last time you laughed so hard your ribs ached and/or you nearly peed yourself? What made you do it?

Beyond the Pale - DVD of Stand-Up by Jim Gaffigan - the first couple of times I watched it I was uncorked and then when i watched it again with my best friend.

7. Draw or doodle a picture of your pet(s) and post it if possible. Nothing fancy, don't be shy!

well in a post question the starter of this meme mentioned my avatar being kinda cool so i'll post that - it's a picture i drew, well, 1/2 drew. the concept coming from an art assignment to draw half and try to get the color and texture to match the picture. i didn't do so good but i like the subject, it's a picture of river phoenix that was on a mag cover after his death.

8. Go through a stack or box of your old music. Stuff that you may not have heard in years. Pick one and tell us about it. Is it as good (or as bad) as you remember?

oh my gosh i used to love stryper... the yellow and black attack... ok i guess you can laugh at that! good Christian themed music has come a LONG WAY since then!

9. Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? We won't laugh!

Meet Poac - My teddy bear :-) Not only do I sleep with him he became the subject of my pictures on my first trip up the west coast from So. Cali to Washington... needed something in the pics ... :-)

the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco :-)
click pic to enlarge!

So since most everyone I know has been tagged...
i tag Katie and Puddy since this is more of a people meme than a pet meme...
and anyone that hasn't been tagged but wants to play :-)

Happy Birthday Puddy!!


DKM said...

I loved Zodiac - it was a great film.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, Zinger looks so happy chowing down on those greens. Buddy and Samaritan are drooling.

Oh, over the greens, not Zinger. Merci likes greens to but the guys are hearty eaters.

Happy Memorial Day!

lgf said...

I have to comment to everyone on #7...she said she didn't do so good. I don't know if that was the grade for her class or her personal opinion of the pic. I've seen the pic in person (being that CA is my sis) and it's a great drawing. She truly has talent!

YowlYY said...

Zinger looks in his element - like almost every Dutch - "Give me food!!" :)
It is so good to see him doing well and munch happily :0)
The long meme was fun, wasn't it? I had to do all the questions as well, pedantic me. And you are talented...the drawing is cool indeed.
Hugo is looking forward Zinger's meme, thanks for playing!

Rabbits' Guy said...

An amazing picture!

And, Hi Zinger ... yur looking good.

L.Bo Marie said...

stryper!!!! hahahaha.. that, along with White Heart, White Cross and Petra.... wheeeeew!
It's a wonder I didn't give up on music all together!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Wonderful photos - Zinger looks very happy and its a nice idea to take a teddy bear travelling like that. I enjoyed reading your answers to the meme, I've been tagged for it too and will post my answers soon...

buggins said...

Wow! love your new site!! I used to like Stryper, too - how embarassing! Love your bear, too... so far you're the only one besides myself.

I've been having some issues with blogger lately, I aplogize. If it keeps up, I'll move my sites. Just a heads up! Hugs and see ya later!